Kookaburra Blaze 100 Cricket Bat

Brand: Kookaburra
Product Code: Blaze
RRP : £110.00
Our Price : £88.00
Ex Tax: £88.00

The Kookaburra Blaze 100 Cricket Bat has been handmade using unbleached English willow with a non oil 'Armourtec' face.

  • Size: SH (Short Handle)
  • Sweet Spot Approx. 195mm to 215mm from toe
    Edge Profile & Thickness Round (35-37mm)
    Face Profile Slightly Rounded
    Spine Profile Approx. 63mm to 67mm
    Scallop Slight Concave (1-2mm)
    Bow Mid/Low Blade (11-12mm)
    Handle Oval
    Grip Players
    Weight Range 2lbs 7 1/2 oz - 2lbs 9 1/2oz

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